Connecticut DMV Teen 8 Hour Safe Driving Course

At Central Driving School, we understand the importance of providing a safe and effective driving education for your teen. Our Teen 8 Hour Safe Driving course is designed to not only meet the necessary requirements but also to make your life as a parent easier during this significant milestone in your teen’s life.

1. Simple, Easy Virtual Zoom Classes

This course includes 8 hours of virtual Zoom classes, which include all of the CT DMV requirements, including the state mandated Parent Class. These classes can be done from any phone, iPad or laptop device, making this super convenient!

2. Meets All CT DMV Minimum Requirements

This course includes the 2 hour parent class and 6 hours of the nature and the medical, biological and physiological effects of alcohol and drugs and their impact to operating a motor vehicle.

3. Receive Your Connecticut CS-1 Certificate Upon Completion

This drug and alcohol course satisfies the minimum Connecticut requirement needed to obtain the CS-1 certificate. After completion of the Zoom class, this 8 Hour Safe Driving Course certificate will be uploaded directly to DMV and a copy of the certificate will also be emailed to you!

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Students Only Attend: Parent class and Lesson 1, 2 and 3 and then they are DONE

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